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Pursue your goal of obtaining an MBA without taking time off of work.

  • Rolling admission with priority deadlines:
    • July 1st- for Fall entry
    • Dec. 1st- for Spring entry
  • Apply online at: TTU Graduate School
    • Requirements:
      • $60 application fee
      • Minimum of 2 years appropriate professional work experience
      • GMAT (required for international applicants only)


The Working Professionals Program through the Rawls College of Business is done through what's called a hybrid program. So I came to the university once a month for the full weekend, was able to interact with my professors and with my peers, and then all of the rest of our coursework was completed online.

Having access to doing things online as a working professionals is absolutely necessary to be able to complete a program like this. We obviously did tests. We had different assignments that we had to do or submit, so it was beneficial to be able to do it at your pace around your schedule, and everyone was very accommodating.

That really allowed our weekend time together to be highly interactive. We were really able to ask questions based on what we had learned in our time apart. Talk to each other about the experiences that we've had in relation to whatever it was that we were studying. So that face-to-face time became very valuable because it was the application piece. So you did the nuts and bolts on your own time online, and then came face-to-face and figured out how to apply it to your day-to-day job.


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