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The thing that I gained by earning my degree from Texas Tech, through the Executive MBA program, was really a network of other working professional. Because we were all already in the workforce and not coming straight out of undergrad, everybody brought their own professional experience to the program. And so I gained a network of friends and colleagues through that.

The one thing that I walked away from in this program, from the very beginning, first class, was starting to open my mind to other ideas and perspectives on things that I may not have considered or thought about if I had not pursued the MBA.

My master's degree from Texas Tech is really helping in my current career because you don't specialize in the Executive MBA program. So it's a general business degree. And I'm currently in economic development where I'm working with other companies all the time. And I don't necessarily need to be able to dig in to their financials deeply, but I need to have an understanding of what that looks like.

I probably wouldn't have changed roles within the organization if I hadn't gotten my MBA. I had these new thoughts, ideas, and a new openness to things. And so I pursued something that was different than what I've been doing for the last eight to nine years and it's been really good for me. There's a certain added level of pride that comes from a program like the Working Professional's MBA because you are going to school full time while you're also working full time. So there's an added level of pride to know that you were able to accomplish that goal while also still being able to support yourself and your family.


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