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Students in the Working Professional program experience collaborative learning environment that encompasses a wide range of backgrounds and industries.

  • Advance your career
  • Increase your earning potential

Gain insight that is immediately applicable to your current job.


I was looking to take the next step in my career. I was looking to learn more about business. But I still had a job. And I had my family. And I didn't really want to leave that behind. But then I found this great opportunity that will allow me to pursue my business career and at the same time, keep my job and keep my family.

I'm able to apply what I've learned here at Rawls. Whenever I'm meeting with my senior leadership team at work, I'm able to understand a little bit better what the goal is and what we all need to work to. It's helping me be just a better rounded worker for my company. And that's ultimately what I wanted.

There's really nothing that we've done through this program that I could say that I did not need that class or such.

My background is not in business. It's actually on the engineering side. But when I start coming to Rawls, I just start employing that broader picture, looking at the financials and the numbers and how will that impact the economy of the company. And that's when you have the opportunity to create a good success that will impact positively the entire company.

I attended the Rawls College of Business because I have a small business with my family. And I was looking through the curriculum. And I found that it addressed a lot of concerns that we had for our business, like what to do with financial accounting, leadership, tax accounting for management, strategy. They have the complete package in an affordable price.


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