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Rawls faculty leads the way in research, academic scholarship, and teaching.

  • Extensive industry experience
  • Tier One Research Designated
  • AASCB accredited

Our faculty are approachable and invested in student success.


One of the things that impresses me the most about the faculty here at the Rawls College is their commitment to students. They care about the time that they spend in the classroom. They care about student learning. And they're very proud of the success of their students.

I didn't expect the faculty to be so down to Earth and approachable. When you think of a business school and an MBA school, you think of someone who's had a big job in consulting, or industry, or research. I was very surprised to see how friendly, approachable, and what great storytellers a lot of faculty were.

The professors in the Rawls College of Business come from top universities throughout the country. These people have great pedigree and great training.

Most of them have had great industry experience. And by being in the classroom and working with students, they can see the contribution that they're making to the future success of those students, but also the companies those students work for.


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